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Silencing the voices: one woman's experience with multiple personality disorder by Jean Darby Cline
  • Author: Jean Darby Cline
  • Title: Silencing the voices: one woman's experience with multiple personality disorder
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  • Language: English
  • Rating: 4.1 of 5
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  • Publisher: Berkley (June 1, 1997)
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Silencing the voices: one woman's experience with multiple personality disorder
A deeply personal account of one woman's battle with multiple-personality disorder describes the childhood horrors and abuse at the hands of her father that led to a fragmentation into three separate entities and discusses her long battle to overcome the problem. Original.

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This book is fairly readable, but I would have liked to have known more about Jean's thoughts and feelings regarding her therapy and her discovery that it was her own Father who was her abuser. Jean details the problems of her daily life, and we read quite a lot of what is happening on the surface, but I was left feeling that I didn't truly understand Jean's emotional world, and what she REALLY believes. For example, did she buy her Mother's story that she knew nothing of the abuse? Or did Jean suspect (as I did), that her Mother knew EXACTLY what was going on? I know that a great many Mother's insist they knew nothing, but is it really possible that a child can be regularly raped and sodomised, and the Mother does not know? what about when Mum is bathing the child? There HAS to be bruises and terrible injuries. And the laundry. Does Mum not wonder why there is so much blood on her child's clothes? It is inspirational that Jean and others like her can come through such horror and somehow survive; but this book is somewhat disappointing with its lack of depth.Darice 80-Piece Deluxe Art Set
I enjoyed this book and her insights. Many are extreme like Trudy Chase but multiples to that extreme are rare. This was more of an everyday person who had to deal with common problems. A great example of how one woman worked through it. Which was what I wanted.
Here is a true sucess story and proof to men and women that they can recover despite the cruel and painful reality of the past. This true story is consistent with the lives of many of the women that I have met at the domestic violence shelter where I am an intern. Last summer Jean shared her story with the residents at the shelter. The women were left with the hope of the present as we listened to her story.
The trauma of sexual abuse destroys the lives of too many individuals. Most go on to marry abusive partners, as if it were normal to be put-down, called names, and isolated from family and friends. Their lives are threatened to keep the silince. Over time, they feel as if they deserve this treatment. Jean Darby Cline revealed her story as she was crazy because of the mysterious entanglements that were parts of her reality. Her beliefs were reinforced each time she was misdiagnosed and returned to a mental hospital.
As one women stated she "treated me like an equal." This was perhaps the first time she had been treated as such.
Because of Jean's recovery, she was able to weave humor into her presentation that helped me to understand that there is always room for faith, even after such an abusive life. I rate her book and presentation a ten.
While I must say I was very impressed with the author's determination and ability to write about her ordeal - I felt the book really lacked an insider perspective. It seemed to be about the challenges of life rather than what was going on inside of her (feelings, understandings, fears) - I guess I was dissatisfied with the emphasis of the book on the "real life" stuff and not enough on the process of therapy and self-discovery. Also I was very concerned about the author's children. Not enough was said about them and their welfare in the midst of the chaos imposed by the MPD and the abusive father. One last thing - although this woman's last husband was clearly open-minded and supportive - what about his kissing JD (a child)? I felt like there wasn't enough consideration for the reality that this couple had a child in their bed sometimes. Perhaps JD was able to take care of herself and "go away" as was suggested - but I found that so simplistic. In my opinion this book was not written for others like the author - but for people who don't understand MPD and what's it like to live with it. (which clearly is important, too.)
Jean Cline's recounting of her horrific experiences with her twisted father took courage. She does not back away from her experiences in retelling them in this book; she confronts them and by setting an example encourages others to do likewise.
Jean Cline developed three distinct personalities to cope with her overwhelming life conditions. Like most persons with DID/MPD, she was highly creative, artistically talented and suffered horrendous abusive childhood experiences. She gives a fresh voice to this now recognized condition and it is through her perseverance that she is able to "integrate" her "alters" and become a core. She is Gestalt; the whole person is greater than the sum of her parts (alters). Like a shifting kaleidoscope, Jean Cline shifts into various patterns of behavior and appearances. Like a kaleidoscope, at no time is she ever the same. Once integrated, she is able to make peace with herself.
Ms. Cline's book on her life dealing with dissociative identity disorder helps to show others what it's like to live with this disorder.The abuse she lived through and her mind's way of protecting shows her strong will to survive. I liked the book because it was easy to read and not a lot of technical stuff, so I could share it with others to help to explain the disorder to others. I liked how JD kept buying vaccuum cleaners and how that was finally solved. It was also nice to read that there are people out there like her husband who would take the time to care about someone with a mental disorder.
This is a very well written book and worth reading. It is a documentation of incest and all of its painful ramifications on the survivor, their future health and happiness and their families. This book reveals to the reader the horrifying experience a child faces when subjected to incest, how the adult of incest can overcome the experience with the help and support from friends, family and good psychiatrists.
A very realistic witnessing of what sexual abuse means to a child, and a very vivid description of MPD. What I find also very interesting is the description of the mother's attitude of not willing to believe that this all has happened. This book certainly required an unbelievable courage to her author. By the way : easy to read, even if one is not a native speaker of English

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