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Pirate Island Adventure (Liza, Bill & Jed Mysteries) by Peggy Parish
  • Author: Peggy Parish
  • Title: Pirate Island Adventure (Liza, Bill & Jed Mysteries)
  • Size PDF ver: 1241 kb
  • Size ePUB ver: 1423 kb
  • Size Fb2 ver: 1362 kb
  • ISBN: 0440473942
  • ISBN13: 978-0440473947
  • Pages: 176
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  • Category: Children's Books
  • Subcat: Literature and Fiction
  • Language: English
  • Rating: 4.8 of 5
  • Votes: 126
  • Publisher: Yearling (June 14, 2005)
  • Hardcover: Here
Pirate Island Adventure (Liza, Bill & Jed Mysteries)
Summer vacation at Pirate Island! Liza, Bill, and Jed can’t believe their grandparents’ wonderful surprise. The excitement begins even before they reach the island, as Grandpa gives the first clue to the unsolved mystery of a long-lost family “treasure.”Whether it’s their frightening run-ins with Hermit Dan, a wild and scary romp with a swooping bat, or a midnight trip into the woods, tracking the series of weird picture clues leads the children all over the island and into all sorts of adventures.

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My son loved this Peggy Parish book!
My great-granddaughter enjoys this series very much. She has been working her way through the series. She is an avid reader and likes reading books in a series. I would recommend them to any child!
I have a tough time believing that any of the prior reviewers read this book. It was absolutely horrid. My daughter's school assigned this as part of the Battle of the Books, which I coached. I didn't say a word in our group discussion, as I didn't want to influence the girls' opinions... and 5 out of 5 hated it. They had a very tough time staying on track for our discussion, as they kept being sidetracked mocking it. There are plenty of wonderful books for young people, there is no excuse for this plodding, baffling, badly written shlock. Nothing happens for 3/4 of the book and many of the steps make absolutely no sense.
She loves it! She does have a 6th grade reading level, but I think any third grader would like this series
Peggy Parish books, no matter the title are a well written series of mysteries & adventures that ANY child or adult would love to read. We liked to read aloud when the kids were younger. web couldn't put them down. Must buy!!!
I think people who like adventure and mystery stories would really like Pirate Island Adventure. It's full of mystery as three kids set out to find a missing treasure. Liza, Bill and Jed spend their summer vacation on an island with their grandparents. When their grandfather tells them about a treasure on the island, they set out to find it.
It's a typical mystery and adventure book. The three kids find clues that lead them into funny and dangerous situations. They find a secret room, surprise a raccoon and they're held at gunpoint by a local hermit. This book was a fun story to read for summer reading.
This is an entertaining summer adventure theme. Great light reading for a summer program, this book could also be a good back to school discussion starter or writing prompt to freshen up the traditional "What I Did On My Summer Vacation." Young readers will be surprised to learn that Peggy Parish wrote about characters other than Amelia Bedelia.

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