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Gunslinger Girl, Volume 4 (v. 4) by Yu Aida
  • Author: Yu Aida
  • Title: Gunslinger Girl, Volume 4 (v. 4)
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  • ISBN: 141390341X
  • ISBN13: 978-1413903416
  • Pages: 184
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  • Category: Comics & Graphic Novels
  • Subcat: Manga
  • Language: English
  • Rating: 4.5 of 5
  • Votes: 975
  • Publisher: ADV Manga (July 3, 2007)
  • Hardcover: Here
Gunslinger Girl, Volume 4 (v. 4)
Though brainwashed to be cold-blooded killers, the child assassins of Section Two continue to grow beyond the range of their "conditioning." Triela struggles with tears that never come, while Henrietta must deal with her growing feelings for her handler Giuseppe. But there is still hope in Triela, who is slowly coming to terms with her defeat at the hands of Pinocchio... and remembering the girl she once was.

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Rose Of Winds
This volume is more drama than action. We learn more about Giuseppe and Jean, and their dead sister.
But the book mainly focuses on Petrushka the first of a new generation of cyborgs. Not as strong as the first girls, the second generation, will live longer, but cheaper to make, easier to maintain, and their conditioning will be changed to make them more flexible. The Agency feels is an improvement and a Russian girl is the first of the new cyborgs. Yu Aida changes his style a tad in this volume. The story is on the girl, showing us before her change, allowing us to see her background story and allowing us to have some emotional reaction to the events that change her life, forever. Also, she looks older than the other girls, which makes sense as the Agency wishes to start using the technology on adults. Her handler, Alessandro is somewhat of a jerk, a reaction you may find in other reviews, but is interesting in his own right - being of a different background as the other handlers. While many of the handlers are ex military or police he use to be in operations against the Padania. He feels the other handlers have too many...morals?
It does make for some new interesting characters while the old ones, just as amazing, are also kept in the story. There is also some debate about souls and fate, but they don't pound that in with page after page of lectures or anything like that. They keep a lot of the exchange between characters real, which is always refreshing, and allow the reader to decide on their own about such things as souls, fate, and salvation. Is it cruel to save this girls only to make them into killers? To help a girl to walk again so she can run into battle? To extend a life just to take others? And why does that remind me a tad of Red Garden? Enjoy!
This volume contains the last few chapters to the Gunslinger Girl managa. Those who have read it online may find some minor deviations between the fan-translated work and the Seven Seas version. However, there is an additional epilogue after Jean leaves the family plot, but before the 'Esperanza' telescope ending that wraps up the lives of Rico, Petra, and Claes. This epilogue was not found in the other scanlation sites online, so it alone is worth the cost if you're a completist like I am.

Aside from that, there aren't any addition background pages, nor any character sketch pages, etc. It's just chapter 15, which means it's roughly half the pages of the early Seven Seas tomes.
A sting operation captures Franca but she is released by Franco and Pinocchio. The girls of the Agency are sent after Christiano and run into the Padania terrorists who are trying to save the Milano leader. The final chapter is blood soaked and full of action as the girls, programmed and designed for anti-terrorist work, go against the terrorists, who have been fighting and killing for what they believe in for their whole life, in a all out fight. Nature vs. nurture in a way.
It's a nice continuation and brings more of what we've liked from the previous volumes, the little complexities between "fratella" and the way the agents work.

This volume introduces a pair of new fratella and is interesting for the new cyborg's background story as well as her age. I say this in that the previous cyborgs were all young girls but this one is in her teens and brings a new dyynamic to the scope of the anti terrorism work. It seems not a whole lot happens but it sets up the pair as a welcome addition to the party.

It's unfortunate the Gunslinger Girls series has been around for a few years but releases are slow or it's always seems to be on hiatus. It is one of my favourite series in my manga collection.
This is one of my favorite manga. I have read the first three volumes of this manga back when ADV released them in regular sized tankoban. This volume of the new omnibus edition is the fiirst time these chapters have been released in the USA. The series is still amazing and the art is breathtaking.

Personally, I like this new translation better than the ADV translation of the manga.
Love this series! This series got me into reading Manga... I resisted because I read quickly and I thought price vs. time was not worth it... Now, hundreds of manga later.... *L* :)
Rolling Flipper
I like that the book was sold at a generous price of $4.00 only. However, I totally didn't expect the cover to be torn on the back, especially when the condition is set as "new". Anyways I solved it with tapes. There was a mysterious black dot of ink spiralling on a couple of pages! Other than that the book is clean.
I love the series, what can I see. It helps to have seen the DVDs. The first series was the best, the second was a little lower budget with quality, but then you are hooked on the story. The books cover more side stories and unlike so many manga series that go on forever, this plot is going somewhere and comes to an end.

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