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Every Woman's Yoga: How to Incorporate Strength, Flexibility, and Balance into Your Life by Jaime Stover Schmitt Ed.D. CMA
  • Author: Jaime Stover Schmitt Ed.D. CMA
  • Title: Every Woman's Yoga: How to Incorporate Strength, Flexibility, and Balance into Your Life
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  • Category: Health, Fitness & Dieting
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  • Language: English
  • Rating: 4.3 of 5
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  • Publisher: Harmony; 1 edition (October 22, 2002)
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Every Woman's Yoga: How to Incorporate Strength, Flexibility, and Balance into Your Life
Yoga truly is for every woman. Its therapeutic and healing powers are vast— its benefits range from strengthening and toning to stress and pain relief, from childbirth preparation to easing through the menopause transition. Every Woman's Yoga focuses on specific yoga practices that are most suitable for women. Whether you are already into yoga, or just getting started, this informative guide will help you nurture your mind, body, and soul.Come discover how yoga can:·Help reduce signs of aging and decrease stress ·Relieve the discomfort of pregnancy, menstruation, and menopause ·Build strength and promote flexibility to support bone health ·Support recovery from breast cancer treatment ·Ease incontinence, digestion, and elimination ·Reduce fatigue and depression ·Promote inner beauty, build confidence, and manage weight

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This is a terrific book. Poses are explained in detail, reasons not to do most poses (e.g., some poses aren't good for someone with bad knees, someone who's pregnant, and so on) are clearly listed, and there are enough modifications that I can successfully do some form of almost all of them. And I feel terrific when I finish my workout.

I'm just starting on trying the breathing practices. They too are clearly explained, and for a change, I'm enjoying the breath work.
So sad that this book is out of print. Jamie is the leading voice and teacher on yoga therapy
Schmitt is amazing! This book has applications for yoginis and teachers alike.
Excellent book for women and learning how to use all aspects of yoga for optimal health!
great ant
Jaime's "Every Woman's Yoga"One of the best books on yoga. I have been using it for many years and it still makes so much sense. Very well written and structured. Easy to follow and work and transform oneself. From grounding yoga poses to power and strength building yoga poses. Also, if practiced sincerely, increases your performance and flexibility and state of balance and bliss. It's my bible to yoga and prayanama.
Jaime, is also one of the best, truly yoga teacher have come across in last 20 years in every sense of a teacher and a practitioner. She is like a rock - strong and beautiful.
EVERY WOMAN'S YOGA is a book written for Every woman...young...old...skinny...plump...rich...poor...of color...white..
As a nurse-midwife and nurse-practitioner in women's health, I have come to appreciate the beauty in each and Every Woman and also how the practice of yoga can enhance that inherent beauty. Since the completion of my training, 15 years ago, I have been waiting for a book I can offer to ALL women. I feel EVERY WOMAN'S YOGA is this book. It is a book for the woman accomplished in yoga as well as for the woman who thinks yog(urt) is something you eat for desert.
One of EVEWRY WOMAN'S YOGA's greatest features is that it takes you skillfuly step-by-step from where you currently are in your yoga practice toward greater accomplishiment. A basic posture is first introduced and then a more challenging or an easier variation is given, allowing a woman to adjust her practice daily and thus continually progress. The author also intertwines these progressive steps in flexibility with the breath...the ultimate link between the mind and the body.
Another great feature of EVERY WOMAN'S YOGA is the author's encouragement for the woman to create her own practice...gone are the days of sitting isolated in a classroom for hours at a time...from feeling you missed the ship if you didn't get in that morning practice. NOW are the days of incorportating the practice into the whole day..doing pranayam while out for a walk....the pelvic tilt while waiting for the bus...agni sara in the the lunch line. HELLO MODERN YOGINIS!!!
The most valuable asset, however, is the continual references the author makes to the deeper aspects of yoga philosophy and training. These teachings encourage the woman to explore challenges in her ongoing spiritual journey. So while on the surface, the book seems to be dedicated only to yoga postures, it is really leading a woman on a deeper path.
If you have not read this book, I whole heartedly encourage you to give yourself a treat for the holidays !!!(and the rest of your life).
In Every Woman's Yoga, Jaime Schmitt respects her teachers and respects her own yoga practice and personal search and growth. In so doing, she respects each reader's pursuit and invites each to explore, experience, and grow, while sharing open-heartedly and honestly what she has learned from many years of study and practice. This is a book for women of all ages and abilities and dispels the idea that one must be an athletic contortionist to do yoga. It is a book for every woman, every woman individually. This book says, come, explore with me, and provides the accepting environment needed for such exploration. Postures and techniques are clearly described, discussed, and illustrated. Enjoyable, informative, and inviting.
I love this book! I am not interested in seeing the way western marketing portrays women - obsessed with thinness, desperately seeking to retain a youthful appearance at all costs! This book by-passes all of that, and offers sound advice for women of ALL AGES AND BODY TYPES. There is a lot in here! If you want to study real yoga, not just the fad, this book has got what you are looking for. The author is funny, humble and caring, and she knows her subject.

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