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Friedman's Fables: (w/o booklet--no longer available) by Edwin H. Friedman
  • Author: Edwin H. Friedman
  • Title: Friedman's Fables: (w/o booklet--no longer available)
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  • ISBN: 089862455X
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  • Pages: 213
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  • Category: Health, Fitness & Dieting
  • Subcat: Psychology and Counseling
  • Language: English
  • Rating: 4.5 of 5
  • Votes: 910
  • Publisher: The Guilford Press; Second printing edition (September 28, 1990)
  • Hardcover: Here
Friedman's Fables: (w/o booklet--no longer available)
Includes Discussion Questions pamphlet.

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I was intentional in choosing this book for our Sunday school class. How do you deal with expectations of others? What do you think of trying to 'change' people? How to handle a bully or 'holier than thou' person? How do you handle it if someone trys to make you feel guilty about a choice or decision? I read each of the 'fables' (parables, actually!) to the class, dramatically and with a lot of spirit. With the first story, "The Bridge," class members took a bit to relax into the process. I explained that these fun stories may be about us and our own struggles, and encouraged them to let their minds wander and see themselves and others through the fable, or parable. WOW... this ended up being the most productive study I've ever led (outside of Disciple Bible Study.) I would read each of the discussion questions at the end of each fable/parable, and we rarely had time to discuss them all before the time ran out. I had intended to read only "The Bridge" to the group, as a sort of interim activity before moving on to another Bible study. Instead, the group wanted to continue to do these until we'd done them all. I HIGHLY recommend this book for small group work, especially in a group that has a degree of 'safety' in in and where the persons are not afraid to think and grow.
I use these fables with clients and myself to assist in opening the all too often narrow mind to new perspectives, expanded thought processes, and hidden insights with great success. As I read through the fables I noticed some of my own struggles with wanting answers or solutions and frustrated with the author for not providing them. This insight into my own psyche proved beneficial to my personal and professional growth as a psychotherapist. I highly recommend it to new and seasoned mental health professionals alike.
Thought provoking and enjoyable to read. Highly recommend this book to anyone. Friedman does a great job of availing fables to change our paradigms and cause us to look at ourselves.
This book is loaded with fabilized insights into human character. This book is helpful in Family Systems approach to counseling and understanding the mysteries of human behavior. It also poses solutions to Friedman's perceived unhealthy attitudes and relationships. This is one of the most useful books regarding human behavior that I have read.
This is a book that stands the test of time. It really speaks to multiple generations and can be used to teach multiple generations. I had a colleague say he used it for teaching youth and I recently used it in an adult study. One of the reasons the book can be used across many generations is because the writing it simplistic but does not talk down to the reader. The stories contain great lessons that everyone needs to hear and many of us need to hear over and over again.

There is one thing that anyone contemplating purchasing this book should be aware of, that I was not: it comes with a study guide! The study guide has the morals listed as well as group questions. The study guide is a great addition if you are going to use this book for group study, a lesson, or just to have for your own edification.
Fables that can be used to facilitate personal reflection or used in prompting discussion / response from others in a small group, therapy group, or class setting. The issues are obvious in the stories he offers, but the openendedness is the strength of the collection.
These are very provocative. I am leading a Sunday School Class with a fable each week. We are thinking about relationships in our families, work and church in different ways. Helpful. The first fable, The Bridge, is worth the price of the book!
Ed Friedman provided his readers and students with more than information about the human condition. He has given them a way to think, not just what to think. This book of fables, as the study booklet that accompanies it makes clear, is about life questions. A great deal of what one can know about life and self depends upon (a) where one stands when asking questions, and (b) the clarity and orientation of one's questions. The greatness of Ed Friedman is the clarity with which he has engaged the world. His "Generation to Generation" is a powerfully clear treatise on self and systems that has had a profound effect on thousands. I am given to understand that his daughter is arranging for editing and publishing "A Failure of Nerve" (available since 1999 only as a bound manuscript, loosely edited). Ed Friedman learned systems theory from Msurray Bowen (1913-1990), and his variant of Bowen Theory remains one of the clearest and most compelling expositions of the power of Bowen's work. "Friedman's Fables" is a testament to what can be done with Bowen when one thinks about the human condition with freedom and creativity, informed by the discipline of the most mature theory of human functioning today.

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