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The Passion Test: The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Destiny by janet-bray-attwood
  • Author: janet-bray-attwood
  • Title: The Passion Test: The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Destiny
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  • Language: English
  • Rating: 4.4 of 5
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  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster Ltd (2008)
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The Passion Test: The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Destiny

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This book has the potential to be a life changer/enhancer for the person who comes to it willing to do the work. I am a book lover and soul searcher, so I spend a lot of time reading similar books (The Year Of Yes, Before Happiness, The Happiness Project, etc.). This book was easily my most worthwhile read of 2017 AND helped me confidently pinpoint what is important to me.

If you are truly tired of not knowing why you are on this earth or going into a depression because you feel there is "more to life than this" and will also commit to stopping and mindfully completing each of the five or six exercises, you will likely know 1) your major passions, 2) what a successful life will entail when you're living those passions, 3) what you want to have accomplished by the end of your life, and 4) the steps to create an action plan for achieving this life you can now envision.

Thanks to The Passion Test, I now have all of these details in a notebook that I carry with me every day. I also created a business plan and a calendar plan in order to live a life of passion in 2018. I look at the calendar daily and it just has ONE thing that I have to do that day to complete my mission to live a life full of my purpose.

If you read the book from a passive position, then, no, I do not think it will help you as much as it could. However, if you are committed to really learning why you are here and what's been inside of you (I believe from birth), then you will be armed with what you need in order to step onto your right path. I should add that I really didn't learn anything NEW about myself, but I was able to identify what's unique about me and see how important these five passions truly are to my happiness quotient. This has made all the difference in my world in just three short months. I recently launched a Youtube channel called “God Moments” that allows me to interview people who have had intimate encounters with God (this alone allows me to combine four of my five identified passions and fills me with purpose, joy, happiness, excitement, etc.) Just taking the steps to launching the channel filled me with joy I haven't had before. I hope that everyone reading this review buys the book and discovers why you are here. Best of everything to you!
Can a simple test transform your life?

Yes it can. The Passion Test certainly changed mine. The first time I completed a Passion Test, I wasn't surprised at my number one passion: to barefoot water ski all year round. The first question that popped up was HOW? As I learned from Janet Attwood in one of her workshops-- there is no need to focus on the how; focus on the WHAT and the how will show up. I did exactly that--and I barefoot water skied 11 out of 12 months that year.

Janet and Chris do a wonderful job of taking the reader through the Passion Test and providing a simple way to identify your top five passions. Yet, don't be fooled by the simplicity--because the process is a powerful one. By identifying what truly matters to you and setting up markers to illuminate a passionate path--you can truly transform your life.
This book changed my life forever!
I know that is a very strong sentence,and I don't use it often,but let me explain.In my childhood days,I was a very creative kid.However due to many unfair circumstances in life,I was never able to live my passions.The sad thing was that I did not even realize that until I read this book.
About 10 years back ,I went through some very dark experiences including losing both my parents and an unborn baby back to back.I had numerous health issues.At a very low point in my life,I was one browsing for something else and saw this book.After reading the reviews and always having that gut feeling that something was missing in my life,although I did everything right as much as I could,I decided to give the 'silly' test a try.
And it was mind-blowing.
I love this book except some cheesy new Age stuff that is sprinkled throughout this book.If you can look past those glitches,this book is a treasure.After taking the test and prioritizing,I realized that I had a forgotten/hidden passion among other passions that I did not realize I had.It was a big surprise for me and I immediately realized why I never felt fulfilled in life.
There is a question in this book about what will you think about your life when you have lived for ,say,100 years and then look back.To me that was a million dollar question.Because when I did the test as per the book and answered a few questions,I realized I had a deep hidden passion to be an evangelist for Jesus.I had never admitted that to myself.If I look back at the end of life and realize that I had never obeyed Jesus' last commandment,I would have deeply regretted that.To bring good news and hope to the suffering.First I straightened up my prayer life.it was down in the dungeons after the various family tragedies.In the last 4 years,I have read a total of at least 100 spiritual books,thus deepening my relationship with God.I also have decided to take up charity work and was afraid to do so before.I don't want any regrets when I die.I also mended any relations that had gone crooked,as far as possible humanly.Again,don't want regrets later in life.And that meant a lot of forgiveness.

I also discovered I was a born designer and I like creating things.I love painting,jewelry making,designing clothes,crafts of all sorts,gardening,reading,sewing,interior decorating etc.I also love singing,visiting beautiful places and I am a great organizer and leader.These are just a few of my passions,however,I had never done any of the above things for the past 15-20 years,ever since I entered college and then got married and had kids.No wonder I was struggling so much because I was not doing anything that I was born to do.If God had given me these passions and talents,then I was supposed to do them.Instead my soul was in sort of a jail.
St Theresa has said that a soul finds ultimate joy when it is doing God's perfect will.When God gives me certain talent,using that talent is God's will for that soul.but somehow in this confused world,we miss that very obvious point.
I have a friend whose passion is creating beautiful pieces of artwork.However she has a mundane job and is very unhappy.True ,she is able to be secure financially,but she tells me her life feels unfulfilled,but she cannot pinpoint what's wrong.I know a lot of people like that.They are just trapped in something they are not designed for and they feel empty all the time.
I strongly believe now that each and everyone of us are designed for something,destined for some great work our Creator had in mind.When we do not discover what that purpose is,it can greatly affect our happiness on earth.We feel empty and keep looking for that because our life purpose is not yet found,and we are not feeling that fulfilment.
In my case,I read this book in 2012.I started with small changes.I started getting rid of things that I had no interest for,and choosing things I liked.That may sound very simple,but is difficult because many times we are confused which way we should go.
I joined my local church choir.I started singing every week,and then I started taking music lessons.I now sing on stage in addition to church singing several times and friends are raving about where this talent was hidden all these years.
I have also taken steps to improve my health greatly.I started all those creative juices flowing.Now I paint and make use of other talents.I have decided to switch my career in more creative ways.I have never been so happy in my life before.
Everyone now wants to know why I am so happy all the time.I do things I enjoy in addition to my everyday responsibilities.That has brought so much joy.
Their website also has a course on how to monetize your passions.For those who said the entire book can be summarized as make a list of things you want to do,that is way too much oversimplifying.It is not that easy.You need to take this test a certain way following the steps the authors have outlined,otherwise you will miss the whole point.
If you are on a budget,borrow from library or get a used book,but do follow the steps of taking the test seriously.I will update here a few years later.This book was well more than worth the money.It opened my eyes toward what I was doing wrong in my life unknowingly,thus sabotaging my own life's purpose.I thank the authors for that and next time you guys revise this book,please leave that cheesy New age stuff behind.

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