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George Washington, Frontiersman by Zane Grey
  • Author: Zane Grey
  • Title: George Washington, Frontiersman
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  • ISBN: 0813118433
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  • Category: Literature & Fiction
  • Subcat: Genre Fiction
  • Language: English
  • Rating: 4.3 of 5
  • Votes: 344
  • Publisher: University Press of Kentucky; First Edition edition (May 10, 1994)
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George Washington, Frontiersman
George Washington, Frontiersman, written near the end of Zane Grey's career, is here published for the first time and so available for the popular novelist's many fans.

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MY dad always enjoyed Zane Grey but I never knew he wrote this book enjoy it
Ive been looking for this book. Thanks
My favorite Zane Grey books are his "easterns" -- the adventures of the Zane family and Lewis Wetzel in the Ohio Country. I was hoping this would be a welcome addition to that sub-genre. But the prose is just plodding. I could barely work my way through it.
It is an excellent story that is interesting and memorable. It is a good history lesson as well. It tells a lot about the man before he became famous in the revolution.
A very interesting take on George Washington, one we don't hear too much about.
In this the "last" novel by the greatest of the Western authors, Zane Grey pay homage to the area of the country which began his long career as a writer--the Ohio River Valley, which includes Pennsyvania, Kentucky, Ohio and all of the "border" country arround the Allegany Mountains. Yes, this book has all of the historical data in all of its correctness, and yes, at times the book is slow because of this; but who is to say that this book is not one a person should not own to complete a collection of Zane Grey's works? Indeed, 50 plus years had elapsed between creation and publication, and maybe there is some doubt as to who really penned some of the words--ZG or an editor--but that happens with every book published. George Washington, Frontiersman is a well-crafted book, with real historical characters, acting out in real situations what happened in the years just prior to the American Revolution, and if you want to know the historical George Washington that is rarely, if ever, told in history classes, you need to get this book and read it.
Zane Grey's "George Washington, Frontiersman" was, sadly, a large disappointment for me. As a avid reader of all things to do with the French and Indian War and the Eastern Frontier, I was excited to come across this "lost" Grey novel about George Washington's early years as a surveyor and later a soldier with the Virginia Militia fighting against the French and Indians in the Ohio Country.
The book tells the story of a young Washington and his early life as a surveyor on the western Virginia frontier and his relationships with his neighbors the Fairfaxes and his love affair with Sally Carey, later the wife of his friend George Fairfax. In 1753 Washington is called upon by the Crown to take a message to the French forces moving into the Ohio lands demanding their immediate evacuation from the King's lands. Following the failure of this mission, Washington is sent as the leader of an expedition to force the French from the Ohio Country, leading to the disasterous debacle of Fort Necessity and, later as aide de camp to General Braddock, to the horrible and bloody defeat of that campaign at Fort Dusquene. The history here alone is more than adequate for a exciting and engaging tale.
Unfortunately, Grey, who has written some great material, fails here to convey any sense of interest or excitement. It was a struggle just to get through the first few chapters. Historical accuracy has been sacrificed for melodrama and poor dialogue. Washington comes across as a brave and hardy frontiersman, able to fight Indians, track game, and carve civilization from the wilderness almost single-handedly. Nothing could be further from the truth. Washington, while possessing many admirable traits, not the least of which was his leadership qualities, was really just an ambitious syncophant, eager for a commission as a royal officer and really nothing more than an untried greenhorn in the ways of the woods as can be seen by his horrible failure at Green Meadows and in his dealings with the Indians.
Ultimately, this book failed to live up to many of its expectations, and that was a great disappointment. I would greatly recommend Allan Eckerts "Wilderness Empire" for a far more enjoyable telling of the same events.
Zane Grey wrote a large number of classic westerns and other novels, but this, a fictionalized narrative of George Washington's early years, and one of the last books Grey wrote, is not one of them. Beware of books that are not published until 55 years after the author's death. (There must have been a reason!)

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