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The Touch System For Better Golf by Stan Drake,Bob Toski
  • Author: Stan Drake,Bob Toski
  • Title: The Touch System For Better Golf
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  • ISBN: 0671211080
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  • Language: English
  • Rating: 4.6 of 5
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  • Publisher: Golf Digest Inc; Distributed by Simon and Schuster (1971)
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The Touch System For Better Golf
Few golfers ever reach their full potential. One reason, according to Bob Toski, is that they become so engrossed in the mechanics of the swing -- straight left arm, three-knuckle grip, knees flexed, etc. -- that they never develop a sensitivity for the movement of the clubhead. They never learn to swing with the freedom of motion that allows the touring pros to drive 250-300 yards with seemingly little effort. There are some "mechanics" that do need mastering, and they are explained In this book. But the main thrust of the text deals simply with learning to develop and use your senses of sight and feel. Toski, perhaps the game's finest teacher, tells you, and the illustrations show you, how your swing should feel. He tells you how to cultivate this feel, through the building of "success patterns" in an orderly program of development. Once you learn to play by feel, you will merely visualize the type of shot you wish to play, summon forth the proper feel for that shot, then simply swing the club. Your subconscious will automatically provide you with the swing you need to execute the shot you have planned. The pros play by feel, and so can you. Let Bob Toski, who has taught his Touch System to thousands, free your mind and your body from the complexity of thoughts that stifle long driving and accurate shotmaking.

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Toski is the best golf instructor ever. Love the way he teaches.
I went to a clinic put on by Bob Toski and I feel he was the best golf instructor I ever worked with and this is the best golf book ever written he has a way of putting golf into terms that the adverage golfer can understand.
I bought one and two others for friends.We all love the books, very informative about the game of golf ,easy to understand.Good simple basic stuff. I definetly would buy this book for anyone interested in improving his or her game.Hope to improve mine.
Informative book I bought for the incredible Stan Drake illustrations!
Anything by Toski is good
I was very disappointed at how your system worked. I initially placed an order with one vendor and received a acknowledgement that the order was cancelled because of incorrect credit card info. With that said, I ordered the book from another vendor..updated my credit card info..and unkown to me, the initial order was reinstated and I subsequently received 3 books from 3 different sellers. I manged to return one but finally gave up and now am stuck with 2 books. Rather than pursue another refund, I decided not to take further action for fear that will trigger additional unintended transactions. Instead of paying $8 + shipping, my total expense for this experience totaled $55.96. Lesson learned..accept any rejection and not pursue any further purchases.
Toski is an important teacher of the game with important ideas. Most of his ideas will be helpful to any golfer but this book is probably especially useful to the beginning golfer who suspects they may really like to make golf their primary sport.

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