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Under The Kissing Bough (Zebra Regency Romance) by Shannon Donnelly
  • Author: Shannon Donnelly
  • Title: Under The Kissing Bough (Zebra Regency Romance)
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  • ISBN: 0821771043
  • ISBN13: 978-0821771044
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  • Category: Romance
  • Subcat: Historical
  • Language: English
  • Rating: 4.5 of 5
  • Votes: 539
  • Publisher: Zebra; First Edition edition (October 1, 2001)
  • Hardcover: Here
Under The Kissing Bough (Zebra Regency Romance)
When devastingly handsome Geoffrey Westerly, Lord Staines, asks for her hand in marriage, demure Eleanor Glover is only happy to accept even if the offer is intended to please his dying father, and as their wedding day draws near, an undeniable passion flares between them, and Eleanor vows to win his love. Original.

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Romance and love may seem like it has changed over the different time eras but the reality is that what we feel when it comes to love doesn't change. This is my first historical romance novel I have read and I am not disappointed. I liked being able to read about a different time period and the customs with regards to everyday routines and courtships/marriages. If you find yourself in a small rut but love your romance novels, then I recommend this book. The same issues that affect the heart today affected those in the past.
Good Story!

I enjoyed this story and it was well-written. The story line was easy to follow. The story had the struggles of a plain person and a handsome man both with problems of their own. The author allowed us to feel the many emotions the main characters went through. I would have to say the only thing that bothered me was that even at the end he never explained Cynthia or we never found out why Eleanor was who she was. There is always a reason why we turn out to be who we are.
Romantic and fun! Makes me want have a Christmas party and then to gather mistletoe with a yule log for all Christmas parties!!
Loved it, I couldn't put it down I wished there was more to read, made me tear up that maybe I to could have that.
This is all you want in an arranged marriage and so much doubt and misunderstanding along the way. Good job.
I love this novel so much, I've read it twice. The book is extremely well written, with the dimensional characters, and an engaging plot. The romance between Eleanor and Geoffrey is very subtle, very sweet, and extremely poignant. By subtle I mean, there are no lightning bolts, or electric current when the two meet; instead, the romance between them develops slowly and quietly, without either really being aware of it. The premise of the story is an arranged marriage of sorts; both fathers had agreed that one of the Westerley brothers would marry one of the Glover sisters. Now that Geoffrey finds himself in need of a bride, he decides to honor his father's agreement with the Glover family and choose a bride from among the sisters. The eldest sister, Elizabeth, is already engaged, so as the second oldest, Eleanor is chosen as the likely candidate.

Eleanor is a super sweet, kind, gentle soul, who loves animals of all times, particularly those that are injured. Eleanor also, unfortunately, suffers from a major inferiority complex. She is not quite as pretty as her elder sister, nor as graceful as her youngest, nor is she as vivacious as her sister who follows immediately after her. In short, in Eleanor's view, she is ordinary.

The hero, Geoffrey Westerley, Lord Staines, heir to an Earldom, embodies male perfection, with gorgeous golden hair, beautiful blue eyes, and a body to die for. But, as the saying goes, never judge a book by its cover. By all appearances, Geoffrey is a supremely superior male, secure in his masculine perfection. But alas, Geoffrey too has his own insecurities. He is a passionate man with all that entails, including the devil of a temper and an ardent nature. Nine months prior to Geoffrey and Eleanor's engagement, his first love jilted him, after he tried to kiss her and she ran away from him, screaming. Geoffrey is convinced that the fault was his, that his overly passionate nature scarred off his intended, and that he is not fit to be around gentlewomen. He is determined not to scare of his new fiancée with any inappropriate displays of emotion...to keep himself in check at all times.

For her part, when Eleanor first lay eyes on Geoffrey she is dismayed, for surely such a man could never be happy with plain, ordinary her! She just knew that he would end up regretting marrying such as her. Consequently, Geoffrey's determination to "behave himself" in his dealing with Eleanor only reinforces her belief that a man such as Geoffrey could never be attracted to a plain Jane such as herself. My heart literally ached for Eleanor! To make the situation worse, Geoffrey finds himself attracted to Eleanor, wanting to hold and kiss her in ways he is sure will scare her off. The more Geoffrey fights against these urges, the more aloof he behaves with Eleanor, thus the more convinced she becomes of his total disregard for her. It's enough to make a person cry, and I did! To make matters worse, Eleanor finally comes face to face with Geoffrey's former fiancée, a woman who is the female version of his masculine perfection. As you can imagine, this does nothing to bolster Eleanor's confidence in herself.

Despite Eleanor's belief that Geoffrey does not, and cannot, care for her, she finds herself drawn to him. She sees beneath his outer surface to the wounded soul beneath, and like any injured animal, she cannot help but want to take care of him. As Eleanor realizes she is falling in love with Geoffrey, she has to constantly remind herself that all he wants is a marriage of convenience with a "sensible" woman, not love. To that end, she tries to disguise her feelings by behaving in a distant manner with Geoffrey, who in turn finds himself unaccountably disgruntled by her apparent disinterest. These are the dominant characteristics that make up this book. The end result, is a story that is both poignant and sweet.

My only complaint is that the ending was a bit quick. The couple don't confess their love for each other until the very end of the story and then it's done. IMO, considering the fact that up until Geoffrey and Eleanor confessed their love they each had no idea of the other's feelings, an epilogue depicting the couple at some point in the future would have made a welcome addition. In addition, more insight from Geoffrey would have been nice. The reader doesn't get a lot from him, so it was difficult to determine exactly when he fell in love with Eleanor. Nonetheless, overall this was a wonderful read for me; and is one that I would highly recommend. BTW this is a clean romance. There is a love scene, but no details. Happy reading!
Geoffrey Westerby, Lord Staines, needs to get married as soon as possible: his father is dying and the old man's sole wish is to see his eldest son safely settled before he dies. And while Geoffrey is determined to set his father's mind at ease by presenting him with a daughter-in-law, finding a sensible woman who will make a good countess, and be willing to settle for a marriage based on respect and some affection but not love, is not that easy at all. Having been rejected by the woman that he loves, Geoffrey has decided to turn his back on the notion of a marriage based on love, and has decided to settle for a comfortable one instead. And so, he decides to ask for the hand in marriage of Eleanor Glover, the daughter of one of his father's friends. And when he sees the shy and demure and rather plain Eleanor, Geoffrey congratulates himself that he has settled on exactly the 'right' kind of wife.
Eleanor however, is not the person that Geoffrey thinks she is -- yes, she is shy and demure, but alas, she is not a very sensible woman, for kind hearted Eleanor has fallen in love with the very handsome but sad Geoffrey Westerly. Deciding to hide her love for Geoffrey, Eleanor agrees to marry him, hoping that her love will be enough for the both of them. However that is before she realises that Geoffrey is actually suffering from a broken heart. And then Geoffrey's father decides that Eleanor will not make Geoffrey a good enough wife, and decides to interfere. With such overwhelming odds against her, will shy, plain and kind hearted Eleanor be able to hold out and make this marriage work? Or will an interfering old man prove too much for her? In the meantime, Geoffrey is beginning to realise that his wife-to-be is not the colourless woman he thought she was. He begins to first appreciate her kindness; this slowly develops into a need to protect and cherish her. Could Eleanor be the cure for his shattered heart?
"Under the Kissing Bough" is a wonderfully warm and tender love story about how a plain and shy young lady is able to capture the affections of her husband-to-be because of her kind and loving heart. It made for wonderful reading to see Geoffrey slowly realise what a gem Eleanor truly was, and how lucky he was to have found her. And it was satisfying to see Eleanor (finally) win Geoffrey's love and esteem. Both characters are well portrayed; and I liked the pace at which Shannon Donnelly allowed for the romance to develop between them. The different obstacles she threw at the couple (Geoffrey's infatuation with another woman, interfering relatives, Eleanor's unconventionality, etc) added zest to this otherwise run-of-the-mill plot, and made this a much more exciting and compelling romance novel. "Under the Kissing Bough" was a really first-class Regency romance, and just the thing for a recommended holiday read!

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