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1636: The Saxon Uprising (The Ring of Fire) by Eric Flint
  • Author: Eric Flint
  • Title: 1636: The Saxon Uprising (The Ring of Fire)
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  • ISBN: 1451638213
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  • Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy
  • Subcat: Science Fiction
  • Language: English
  • Rating: 4.9 of 5
  • Votes: 976
  • Publisher: Baen; Reprint edition (March 27, 2012)
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1636: The Saxon Uprising (The Ring of Fire)
A new addition to the four-time New York Times best-selling Ring of Fire series. After carving a place for itself among the struggling powers of 17th century Western Europe, the “out-of-time” modern town of Grantville, West Virginia must fight for its life against Dark Age domination.Alternate history master Eric Flint returns in top form with an epic addition to the multiple New York Times best selling Ring of Fire series. A cosmic accident sets the modern town of Grantville, West Virginia, down in war-torn seventeenth century Europe and a new nation is forged. Now when United States of Europe ally King Gustavas of Sweden invades Poland, the U.S. of E. is dragged into a full-scale European war against ruthless opponents. Meanwhile Mike Stearns, wily and courageous leader of the up-time West Virginians, has been turned out of office in an election. But, like Churchill (before and after him) Stearns is not done yet. He’s determined to stoke the fires of democratic rebellion in Saxony near the main front, and thus keep the young nation he founded, and once led, out of the hands of medieval tyrants–tyrants who would like nothing better than to wipe those troublesome upstarts from the future off the timeline and go back to the bad old days of oppression and serfdom.About Eric Flint’s Ring of Fire series:“This alternate history series is…a landmark…”–Booklist“[Eric] Flint's 1632 universe seems to be inspiring a whole new crop of gifted alternate historians.”–Booklist“…reads like a technothriller set in the age of the Medicis…”–Publishers Weekly“…each new entry appears better than the previous one, a seemingly impossible feat…terrific.” –Midwest Book Review“[C]ombines accurate historical research with bold leaps of the imagination.”–Library Journal

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This book completes the story started with _The Eastern Front_ Apparently they were conceived as one novel and had to be divided because they made for too big a book. And I would strongly advise reading the first part before this one. And I would recommend reading both books.
First of all, they are clearly part of the main story of this sprawling series. They are Eric Flint solo works. While he is not necessarily a better writer than his collaborators, he is usually the one showing us the main thread of what is happening to the Grantville people and to the Europe that they enter and change drastically. And he writes well, telling the story in a straightforward manner. The humorous touches that are characteristic of his writing continue. If you follow the characters from book to book you see some of them change as they learn and mature. And some of them, of course, remain damn fools.
This book finishes the story started with _The Eastern Front_ Not only that, it ends in a fashion that might be seen as the end of a story. Maybe not the whole story as there are plenty of people and places left to see but one could put this down and say "That's done." Even if one is going to read more books in this setting, _this_ story is over and it's a good feeling.
Saxony is a part of the U.S.E. Dresden is the capitol city of Saxony. Swedish General Baner is laying siege to it as well as terrifying the countryside and committing atrocities on the peasants.
Wait a minute! Isn't Sweden an ally and partner of the U.S.E?

In the previous story, Gustavus II Adolphus got smacked in the head and was seriously injured. That put his Chancellor Axel Oxensternia into power...and he wants more. He also wants control of the Princess, wants her betrothed dead, and generally wants the whole U.S.E. broken down and his brand of Aristocracy restored to power.

Read it. It twists and turns and leaves you wondering if this is THE END. It isn't, but how it works out is something you need to read to believe. Do it, you will enjoy it.
Mike Stearns plus a cast of thousands makes for one more great 1632 alternate universe read. The king has had a bad head injury and is unable to speak sense. The Chancellor sees this as his chance to take over. A besieged city, the young royal couple to be, Mike Stearns learning how to be a general. It all makes a great story. In addition there enough discussions about how the other world went that I get to learn some real live history along the way. Whats not to like about it.
I loved this book! It's a direct sequel to 1635: The Eastern Front, immediately continuing the story from where that novel left off. Things start heating up politically when the Crown Loyalists get a bit too aggressive in their attempts at counter-revolution. Gustav Adolf is still incapacitated from his injuries in Poland, so his daughter Kristina and her betrothed must take control of their own destinies. All the while, Mike Stearns is showing his mettle as an excellent army general, while Jeff Higgins grows into an outstanding colonel.

If you liked The Eastern Front, you absolutely need to read this book.
A rollicking fast paced adventure, leavenEd with just the right amount of intrigue. This edition of The Ring of Fire delivers it all, fully equal to The Baltic War, The Papal Stakes and the great original episode "1633". Three masterfuly developed story lines (maybe four), each ticking away independently until all go off simultaneously at the end. Highly recommended.
HOWEVER: Not to read as a stand alone. To understand and appreciate The Ring of Fire universe you must start at the beginning: the vastly entertaining "1632".
I must confess that I pretty much only read the novels by Eric Flint himself, rather than the collaborations. That being said, this was an excellent book. It helped that I got it at bargain prices, but the review would've been five stars anyway. There is a fair amount of action, and a number of storylines are resolved, or moved forward to a significant degree. Mike Stearns is well-represented in this book, and all the major characters get plenty of face-time. The ending is satisfying, and leaves you wanting more.
from earth
A good addition to the Ring of Fire series. Keeping track of all of the characters strains my poor German with names and titles. The book is a bit episodic. Transitions could be a bit smoother but I still give it 5 stars.

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