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Grantville Gazette V by Eric Flint
  • Author: Eric Flint
  • Title: Grantville Gazette V
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  • Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy
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  • Language: English
  • Rating: 4.9 of 5
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  • Publisher: Baen; Reprint edition (February 22, 2011)
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Grantville Gazette V

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First Time in Paperback. The New York Times Best-Selling Series Continues. Return to Grantville, the American Town Lost in Time, and the Home Town of the Most Popular Alternate History Series of Them All. The most popular alternate history series of all continues. When an inexplicable cosmic disturbance hurls your town from twentieth century West Virginia back to seventeenth century Europe—and into the middle of the Thirty Years War—you’d better be adaptable to survive. And the natives of that time period, faced with American technology and politics, need to be equally adaptable. Here’s a generous helping of more stories of Grantville, the American town lost in time, and its impact on the people and societies of a tumultuous age. · Cardinal Richelieu, France’s insidious master plotter and power behind the throne, learns of his prominent role in Dumas’ not-yet-written novel The Three Musketeers (not to mention the several movie versions), and starts a search for the “real” D’Artagnan. · Grantville is selling crystal radio sets so that Europeans can tune in to the Voice of America broadcasts, but the technicians from the future are at wit’s end, trying to reproduce “primitive” early twentieth century broadcasting equipment by trial and error—until a trained library researcher shows up in town. · The Dalai Lama of the seventeenth century receives a strange gift: an image of the Buddha which glows by a strange mystical force called “electricity.” And much more, including stories by the New York Times best-selling writers Eric Flint and Virginia DeMarce, in the latest installment of this best-selling alternate history series.

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This is the "print version" of Grantville Gazette Volume 5. It does not have all the stories in the original Grantville Gazette e-magizine.
I was quite disappointed because I was looking for "Murphy's Law." Since I realized that I had read some stories out of order. if I had realized. I wouldn't have bought this. I would have just subscribed to the e-magazine, which I also did today so I could read the stories.
Grantville Gazette V is the fifth (doh!) edition of the ongoing series of short stories related to the 1632 set of books by Eric Flint (and co-workers). If you like the 1632 set of stories, then this volume will not disappoint. If you have not read any of them yet, I would not suggest you start here.
This collection of short stories (along with those volumes preceding this one, and the electronically available versions of the Gazette) present an ever-deepening picture of what happens when you place a bunch of West Virginians into the 30 years war in Europe. The original concept for this series (in the book 1632) was excellent, but all the additional stuff developed in the gazette and other novels that have grown from it create a world that is complex, intriguing, growing, and endearing.
So, not the place to start your foray into the 1632 opus magnus, but if you have been there already, and enjoy it, this volume will add to your enjoyment.
Another collection from Grantville; well done and well told.
Yes, it's an anthology, but it's a well done one with known characters. I enjoyed it.
I love this series all of the books are great.
If you're thinking of getting this and have already read other books in the series, you'll know what to expect. I like how the collections of short stories provide more background on "minor" characters in some of the novels. I like how the music listed provides more ideas for my iPod.
ever book does not have to be a time stopper, but they should be readable...
interactive man
Very interesting story.

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